Pushing Beyond Familiar

Greetings from our president.

The North Carolina Association of County Boards of Social Services is an association tasked to represent boards of Social Services across the great state of North Carolina. We are a “Beyond Familiar” source of advocacy and leadership for our members, partnering with our members, policy makers, community partners, and the public. Our mission is to advocate for the improvement of public policy that ultimately improves and strengthens the capacity of the local County Board of Social Services and the vulnerable citizens we serve. We look forward to meeting and “growing” with you! 

Mary S. Accor- President

I am excited to announce that our new book for social services boards, Local Social Services Boards in North Carolina, is now available to purchase. This book provides social services board members—including county commissioners serving as the governing board for social services--with the information they need to understand their roles and legal responsibilities within North Carolina’s social services system. It may also be a valuable reference for county DSS directors, social services attorneys, county commissioners, county managers, and county attorneys. This book, which revises, updates, and expands John L. Saxon's 2009 Handbook for County Social Services Boards, is the first in a three-part series from the School of Government, including books for local health and consolidated human services boards. Please let me know if you have any questions about the book (you can reach me at n[email protected].

I hope you will find it to be a helpful resource!

Chapters in the new book include:
• An Overview of Social Services Governance in NC
• Social Services in NC
• Social Services Agencies, Programs, and Services
• The Size, Composition, and Status of the Board of Social Services
• Appointment, Terms, and Removal of Social Services Board Members
• An Overview of the Powers and Duties of Social Services Board Members
• Recruiting, Selecting, and Appointing the County DSS Director
• Advising, Evaluating, Disciplining, and Dismissing the DSS Director
• The Board’s Responsibilities Regarding Social Services Policy and Administration
• The Budgeting Process for Departments of Social Services
• The Role of the Board of County Commissioners in Social Services
• Ethical Standards and Legal Prohibitions for Social Services Board Members
• Social Services Board Meetings and Procedures
• The Public Records Law
• Legal Liability and Immunity
• Consolidated Human Services Agencies and Boards
• Regional Social Services Departments and Boards

Kristi A. Nickodem
Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government School of Government
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Campus Box 3330, Knapp-Sanders Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3330
Office: 919.962.2762

June 14, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting

SSI Planning Location: The Cutting Board in Burlington NC, Time: 10:00 am

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nominating Process is now OPEN!

If you are interested in serving as an officer or director, please notify [email protected] by June 1, 2024. Your service is needed.


The mission of the North Carolina Association of County Boards of Social Services is to inform., educate, and empower board members to become more aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Membership Benefits

The North Carolina Association of County Boards of Social Services (NCACBSS) consists of current and prior active county board members that are elected to specified terms as outlined in our by-laws.